About Acceleration Advisors

Acceleration AdvisorsEvidencing creativity, integrity, and a commitment to high ethical standards, Acceleration Advisors, Inc. (AAI) provides a range of services bridging the gap from technology research to viable market realization. Since its founding in 2011, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based firm has sought to provide larger corporate clients with an objective market perspective that may not clearly emerge, given the potential for communication conflicts between internal departments with differing agendas. As such, Acceleration Advisors provides due-diligence services, among others, to its clients seeking to realistically advance new technologies to the marketplace and generate new revenue streams.

Acceleration Advisors offers a suite of client services, including technology applications vetting, government impact analysis, plus scientific and risk assessment. Research-driven firms which rely solely on internal analysis of newly developed technologies can sometimes fall prey to inaccurate estimations of marketability, or miss alternate applications of new concepts. Acceleration Advisors provides an objective, external review of the scientific validity and marketplace viability of client-developed technologies. Because an ever-changing landscape of local, state, and federal regulatory considerations can affect any new venture, AAI also provides niche-specific government impact analysis, including an estimation of prospective tax liabilities or benefits associated with likely market strategies. In an attempt to substantiate the positive results indicated by in-house research-and-development efforts, Acceleration Advisors performs structured, independent evaluation of new concepts, utilizing affordable field-testing in advance of major development commitments by clients.

If Acceleration Advisors’ efforts indicate unrealized revenue potential for its client, the firm moves forward to assess the comprehensive market potential of the new technology. Such efforts might include competitive analysis, supply-chain considerations, technical considerations, marketing plans and potential financing models.


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